Sunday, March 26, 2006

14.1 Miles

I narrowed down the problem in my right leg, pretty sure it's what's called the adductor longus, or possibly adductor magnus or adductor brevis or gracilis or sartorius, or any/all of the above. After day of rest and despite some occasional lurking soreness there, went out for my long run of the week — 14.1 miles, 1:39:20, 7:03 average pace. Usual 3.1 lake circuit route, three times around, splits: 6:59, 6:47, 22:23 (7:13), 21:49 (7:02), 21:56 (7:05), 6:52, 6:32, and 7:26 pace for final 0.8.

Started out pretty sucky, thought I might bag it within the first half mile. Adductor bothering me, not quite painful, but just about, but gradually altered my gait to accomodate. I worry about doing this, it could lead to secondary stresses/injuries, but tried to be careful and attentive. It's very tiring and tiresome to pay close attention to form to workaround an issue. I had to shorten my (normally rather long) stride, and pick up my right leg sooner than normal, and bend the knee more, reducing the stress when swinging it forward, stride rate increased.

Mentally stressful jaunt, hoping I'm doing the right thing, hoping I'm not making it worse. Gradually settled into and got as comfortable as I could with the compromise I had to make with the whining adductor. But then around mile 7 or 8, I found I was relaxing more, letting my stride open up, with little to no discomfort. By mile 10 or 11 felt like I was cruising (but still worrying, it's what I do, my forte,) virtually no adductor issue.

So what is that. Was it just really tight, needed warming up, or did I numb it into submission. I guess I'll know tomorrow if it's really sore. I'll rest, but probably walk a mile or three.

What a beautiful day though, much warmer than forecast, nearing 50F, cloudy, but when the sun came it out put a spring in my stride. Thanks God, six months of winter is finally nearing an end.

Made reservations for the Vermont City Marathon, the point of no return, I think I have to go through with this. I see from the handbook I received that Patty Catalano is a guest speaker — I remember her from the early 80's. She was a druggie or something, a mess apparently, got cleaned up and became this incredible marathoner.

My older sister started running around that time; her first running experience — snuffed out her last cigarette, ran for a half mile, vomitted, and slept the rest of the day. We ran quite a bit together after that in those days. She was especially impressed and inspired by Catalano. She had, as I recall, a pretty quirky form, one leg flying off in an odd direction. Whatever, she ran sub 2:30:00, and held the American record for a time. Apparently she slid into depression and homelessness after all that, but is making another comeback now, at 50. Might be interesting to hear her speak.

I see a bunch of seminars or whatever at the Sheraton for the VCM, mile-by-mile course preview, for example. Sounds pretty goofy, wonder if any of that's interesting. I figure I'll at least drive the course a couple times. And it's hard imagine any mile-by-mile preview beating this VCM course description.


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