Thursday, February 23, 2006


Ran 7.2 miles on treadmill, watch messed up, gotta get a new one, again, but mid/low 7:00s again, progression, probably 8:15 down to 6:45, just 1% incline.

The free days are quickly running out, back to the Dilbertworld on Monday, new job, new boss, new cube, new technology (Java, J2ME, BREW). Hopefully I can settle in quickly and be left alone to work and learn. Yesterday I picked up my new laptop at the office and took care of some admin stuff. The commute won't be as bad as I'd feared, it might be fun to work in Cambridge (Kendall Square) again, like ten years ago.

Checked out the fitness room in the building, couple treads and ellipticals, can get in 24/7, free, sweet, maybe I'll quit the health club, only need it for occasional elliptical since I got the Landice, and I won't need that at all if my f-ing shin ever wises up. That savings would offset the parking fees I'll now be paying. Only thing is, I'm a little uptight about the idea of running at the office during lunch, running into co-workers in the locker room, eew, I don't really care about being seen naked, it's the thought of catching a glimpse of someone I work with that's upsetting.

After the new office visit, home and ran 5.3 miles on treadmill, watch messed up but something like low/mid 7:00s, 2% incline.

Randomly decided to try consuming whey after workouts, yet another hope, gimmick, placebo in helping the shin recover and rebuild. Need to get some good smoothie recipies or something, but today just mixed it with some Gatorade (Endurance Formula) and Odwalla Super Protein drink, didn't even taste that bad. Can feel the muscles/tendons rebuilding already! Yeah baby.

So a scary moment at the GNC where I bought the whey, the guy there commented on my Nike Frees, I mentioned my brother-in-law worked at Nike, the girl there asked where they were located, I said Oregon, she said "oh, is that far?", I said yeah, well, it's across the country — this was news to her, oh dear, I fear for this generation.

Anyway, two days before that, I did 6.4 miles on the Landice, fmi.

Finally, if anyone is out there, please click here to see something wonderful and f-ing funny, yes, it's the laughing quadruplets video.

It is truly amazing, these four tiny humans, sharing the exact same DNA, reacting in precislely the same way to the stimulus. A quote from Steven Pinker's The Blank Slate:

"I once watched an interview in which Marlon Brando was asked about the childhood influences that made him an actor. He replied that identical twins separated at birth may both use the same hair tonic, smoke the same brand of cigarettes, vacation on the same beach, and so on. The interviewer, Connie Chunge, pretended to snore as if she were sitting through a boring lecture, not realizing that he was anwering her question -- or, more accurately, explaining why he couldn't answer it. As long as the heritability of talents and tastes is not zero, none of us has any way of knowing whether a trait has been influenced by our genes, our childhood experiences, both, or neither. Chung is not alone in her failure to understand this point."


At 5:01 PM, Blogger Susan said...

Wow, so is this whey stuff good? I've never tried it.

At 1:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

egg whites


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