Monday, February 13, 2006



Another 90 minutes of shovelling today, that makes 3 hours for the week. Pleasantly sore. Snow day, unemployed, though I accepted a position at a new company, I won't be starting for another two weeks, so I'm just farting around.

Elliptical today, 65 minutes, legs still recovering from Saturday's race. Then went to look at treadmills, thinking about getting one, it would save so much time driving back/forth to the club, M would use it too.

Looking at the Landice L7 Pro Sports Trainer. Pricey ($2900 with tax and delivery) but I want a good strong durable motor/belt, don't care about fancy electronics, HRM, fan, all that crap. The L8 is even nicer, but I can't justify that kind of money ($4200+).

The only disappointing thing is that the incline only adjusts by integral increments, no halves. And it seemed, despite its lauded sturdiness etc. a bit shakey running faster that 8 mph, but they all seem to be that way, unless you go up to the super expensive, and massive, club models.


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