Sunday, February 05, 2006

Stooper Bowl Sundae

After 4 days off (3 on elliptical, one of sloth), 7.2 miles on treadmill, 7:20 average pace (7:11 incline adjusted), middle 5.2 at 7:04 average pace (6:57 incline adjusted). Left shin was getting better so I thought I'd better beat it into submission a little, let the f-er know who's boss. Slightly tender now, woohoo.

Our annual Super Bowl Sundae tradition (gorging on 10+ pounds of ice cream and the fixins in a supersize trough) is a little delayed tonight as Z is at her Children of Eden rehearsal until 9pm. Our lack of interest in the Super Bowl is astounding, it's on tv, it's boring, those guys are fat, football is epicene. The anthropologist in me compels me to expose my kids to American pop cultural curiosities like the Superbowl (as if they don't get enough through osmosis). I guess it was two years ago they were lucky enough to witness the historical/hysterical wardrobe malfunction; the religious right might be relieved to know they haven't, as yet, become satan worshippers, or worse, gay.

This is too easy right, the Danish Muslim Cartoon Thing. It's about 128% obvious that the behavior of these fascists simply proves the point of the cartoons, right? The cartoon suggests Muslims are violent (the one depicting the prophet Muhammed wearing a bomb-like turban), and the Muslim response is to lash out in violence, denouncing these views - "we are not violent, die infidel!". Duh. Too funny. And the one depicting suicide bombers being greeted in paradise with "Stop, stop, we're running out of virgins" is just, well, kinda funny. Laughable, or not even, deserving of only a sigh and a "good grief."

I'm out of the loop, I obviously will never understand this behavior, having been raised in a place of relative infinite tolerance, where an artist receiving government funding can produce a piece of art like Piss Christ, and nobody goes ape-shit, I mean it was controversial, but I don't recall even Jesse Helms fire bombing the NEA.


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