Friday, January 27, 2006

Happy Birthday

Was going to do another rest day, I'm a bit sick, chest cold or something, and the shin's still tender to the touch. But something drove me to go to the gym for an elliptical workout, 47 minutes; I thought it might knock out the congestion, no such luck. Also walked for a half mile, 5 mph. Don't know if I'll do a long run this weekend or not, que sera sera.

I better sign up for the Vermont City Marathon soon before it's filled up (maxes out at 3600, at 3000 now), hesitating 'cause I still have serious doubts as to whether I can actually follow through with this thing, I've got 17 weeks now, been doing 32+ miles for the past three weeks now, theoretically do-able. (In theory, theory and practice should be the same, but in practice they usually aren't.)

And, Happy Birthday, Herr Mozart!


At 8:58 PM, Blogger Mike said...

Sign up! I did the race in '04, loved it, and ran a PR. The relay ensures lots of crowds (especially at the exchanges), the weather is nice, and it's a fast course. 17 weeks is a long time, you can make it.

Thanks for the shoe-tying links. Nobby sent me a power-point demo on the Lydiard method some time ago. Cool stuff.


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