Friday, January 20, 2006

Beautiful Day

Finally a nice outdoor run, no snow, no ice, no cold, no wind. 7.4 miles, 6:29 pace, 46:00 for the 7.1 to Lake Quannapowitt around and back. Too fast, of course, for a training run, but that's just what I do, nice weather, had to let loose. It's not quite my record though - that was 45:25, 6:24 pace, about a month ago - the same pace I ran the Veteran's Memorial 11K in - that's insane, I'm racing through my training runs. I'm not the only one who runs too fast most of the time, this guy, Joe Navas, wins lots of local races, says he know it flies in the face of convential training wisdom, but he never does slow runs.

I at least have actually started slowing down recently, had to if I wanted to increase my mileage for my first marathon training. Jeez, just looked at my log, last year at this time I was running just 1-3 times a week, but all treadmill tempos, 4-6 miles, 6:35 to 6:15 pace, I doubt the running gods would've approved.

Oh, I've been drafted, my brother-in-law invited me to be on his Nike Hood To Coast team again this year. Yeah, baby! I hope he can recruit a couple more faster guys, it'd be sweet to beat Powered by Google; we were just 35 minutes behind them last year. We'll need to figure out how get me out to Oregon in August, Idunno if the family's up for another trip out there, might be just me this time.

I'm off now to a pinewood derby, J and I will rule! Well, with any luck the wheels will stay on anyway.


At 5:31 PM, Anonymous celeste said...

Oh my! That Joa Navas sounds like a champ.

Your pace is awesome, I think. At least you know that you can run that distance at a fast pace if you wanted to. But I do understand that training runs need to be controlled.

As for Nike Hood to Coast, it sounds like a tonne of fun! Kick some Powered by Google booty! G'luck with that!

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