Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hood to Coast Relay 2005

Just back from Oregon, sharing some of my Hood to Coast experience. In spite of (or more likely, because of) a fair amount of pre-race anxiety, I managed to finish Hood to Coast, and with flying colors. I blew away my projected times and ran better than I ever imagined I could -- three times, in a span of 16 hours, a total of over 15 miles at a 6:30 per mile average pace.

And, I broke my 5K PR inside my final 4.1 mile leg with a 5:58 average pace (albeit on a net downhill course, but I'll take it). So I'm a pretty happy camper, and still feeling strong/healthy, thanks, God. Running with an enthusiastic team and especially with a few super fast/strong guys (sub 5:35 pace over 7.4 miles, for example) was really motivating and inspiring; really made me push myself.

Everyone in our van beat their projected times, enabling us to achieve our goal of a sub 23 hour time; a real team effort. A peak running experience and adventure for which I'm very thankful.

Some info:

Team: Nike Dairy Airs, 12 dudes, age 16 through 49
Start Location: Timberline Lodge (6200'), Mt. Hood, Oregon
Finish Location: Pacific Ocean (0'), Seaside, Oregon
Distance: 197.2 miles
Start Time: 3:30 PM, Friday, August 26, 2005
Finish Time: 2:25 PM, Saturday, August 27, 2005
Duration: 22:54:56 (6:59 pace)
Overall: 54th out of 1063 total teams
Men's Corporate: 8th out of 140

My legs:

Leg 7: 5.65 miles, 36:36 (6:29 pace), started @ 7:44 PM
Leg 19: 5.7 miles, 39:21 (6:54 pace), started @ 3:13 AM
Leg 31: 4.1 miles, 24:26 (5:58 pace), started @ 10:56 AM
Totals: 15.45 miles, 1:40:23 (6:30 pace)

Over 100 'kills'.


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