Thursday, January 19, 2006

Back To Running

Despite very occasional (few times a day, since yesterday) sharp-ish pains on the bottom of my left foot, and some remaining tenderness (to the touch) on my lower left inner shin, ran 6.2 miles on the treadmill (7:14 average pace, 6:56 incline adjusted for the last 5).

After running mostly in the 7:15 range, kicked it into higher gear in the fifth mile, 6:35, not quite tempo pace but just about. It's an interesting biomechanical shift that takes place, springier, feet spending less time on the ground, not even more difficult in a certain way, feels good letting loose a bit after slogging along for a while. I remember reading that kangaroos actually are more relaxed and expend less energy hopping than standing still (or something like that), I almost get that feeling sometimes, when going slower requires more effort than going faster.

Not new, but I came across an interesting article on the natural selection of endurance running in Homo Sapiens - How Running Made Us Human. “Running has substantially shaped human evolution. Running made us human – at least in an anatomical sense. We think running is one of the most transforming events in human history. We are arguing the emergence of humans is tied to the evolution of running.”


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