Monday, January 23, 2006


Recovery day after yesterday's 12 miler. Spent 37 minutes on the elliptical; took it (relatively) easy, then walked for a half mile, 4.7-5.1 mph. Feeling okay, shin doesn't even feel that beat up (though I know tenderness is lurking behind the tibia - just don't touch it!).

Saw a print ad today for Nike Air Zoom Vomero running shoes - looked interesting - emphasized natural motion, flexibility, foot control; sounds like something I'd like to try, I'm thinking maybe something between the Nike Free and regular trainers (that's probably optimistic).
I need new shoes, but I can't find these anywhere, and no info online, must be brand new; Marathon Sports sez they'll be getting 'em in within a week to three weeks. They're pretty ugly though, typical looking running shoes, why do they have to make them so ugly, they could at least use some interesting/cool colors, like the Frees. C'mon, looks matters, right?

Kinda interesting news, a new Big Five Marathon Series, involving the Boston, New York, Chicago, London, and Berlin marathons - will award half a million dollars to top men/women finishers in any three of them, over a two year period.

And, could it be, an American win at Boston this April - Meb Keflezighi is going for it.

Btw, today is the worst day of the year, according to a formula developed by Dr. Cliff Arnall at the University of Cardiff, Wales, a researcher of Seasonal Affective Disorder; though this work was actually done for a travel company to help them optimize their advertising timing - apparantly when people feel crappy they tend to book vacations to paradise. If this is the worst day of my year I will be a very happy man.


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Nice shoes! But I do agree with you that those Vomeros need to come in better colours. The Air Zoom Vitesse (men) is quite colourful.
As for me, I fancy the Air Structure Triax 9 (women). If you don't know the site already:, for all the latest Nikes.

Oh yes, and great use of the links!


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