Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Love My Lips

4.1 miles on treadmll, 7:07 average pace - 6:42 incline adjusted. More tired than I "should" have been. Noticed 2 miles in that it was set at 2.0 incline rather than my usual 1.5, accounting for a little extra fatigue, but it was also after work, which is usually not my best time, and ... take it easy, you're still a little sick.

Shin's definitely worse for wear, no apparent problem running (wore Nike Frees), but quite tender to touch after. I better lay off though for a few days before I risk a stress fracture, at least the way I feel right now, it's a few days resting and/or on the elliptical, and a shortened long run this weekend, to 7.2 (which also sucks because I can never seem to prevent myself from racing through that route), deal with it. Still 16 weeks to the Vermont City Marathon.

Anyway, who cares, the best thing is that Z & J still love Veggie Tales. A few weeks ago, I mentioned to them that I hadn't heard them playing any Veggie Tales music or movies recently, and J especially made a face, poo-pooed the idea that an 8 year old of his stature would still consider Veggie Tales worthy of his attention. Then out of nowhere they're making and listening to Veggie Tales play lists, watching the videos, singing, dancing, goofing around. They're not grown up yet!
I love my lips!

Sweet, Alan Culpepper will be running Boston again this year, along with Meb Keflezighi) - two top American marathoners, could be the best American showing in ages.

Slightly interesting tidbit, thirsty people feel more pain.

Geek alert. This is amazing: DHTML Version of Apple OS X. But besides being an interesting and almost incredible technocological achievement and curiosity, I'm not sure what the point is. Is this useful?


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