Friday, March 03, 2006

Back to Work

After Sunday's hurdle, the Hyannis Half Marathon (1:29:28), another hurdle Monday morning, first day on the new job. Surprisingly low key, easing in, interesting how as you get older you naturally seem to get a pass from others, no one's hovering, or even that interested, assumed you can take care of yourself. Been a long while since I've had a new job, like 9 years!

Starting to get up to speed with Java 5, Tomcat, iBatis, Spring, yadayada. Idunno, the Java community I think is insane sometimes, obsessed with every Tom, Dick, and Harry open source project which blips the radar, for many small to medium sized projects/apps Pojo (plain old Java objects) will do just fine, screw the frameworks. Anyway, can't officially criticize until I've had some actual experience. And Java classpath hell is already rearing its ugly head; .NET is technically superior, imo, though I'd have to think/research long/hard to more precisely justify that statement.

Anywho, running, yeah, so, took a day off after the HM, quads wicked sore (DOMS). Then 3.5 miles Tuesday on the home Landice at freaking 6:30AM, ugh, and with a headache, recovery, ya right. Then Wednesday, 6.2 miles in the free fitness room of my new office building. Yesterday and today, 5.2 miles. All low-ish 7:00's average pace, fairly fatigued though, from HM race still I think. Feel like I'm getting slower, haven't done any speedwork for a while, and can't imagine doing 6:35-6:20 pace 4-5 mile treadmill tempos like I used to do, last one was exactly two months ago. But I feel like I shouldn't worry about it, need to try to build miles without injuring my shin further (or anything else), speed will come later, right? Right.

So this new office building on mine has at least 16 floors, must be hundreds of people working there, fitness room has two dreadmills, one elliptical, two stationary bikes, a couple muscle thingies, and a partridge in a pear tree. In three days spending 40-55 minutes there, around lunch time, not one other person in sight. What's up with that? Fine with me, but not one other person in the entire building works out at lunch time?? And it's been f-ing cold out. Bizzare, it could be a Twighlight Zone episode. Maybe I'm the only one who knows about it.


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