Tuesday, July 04, 2006

10.7 Miles

Still at the Cape. Rest yesterday, today, 10.7 miles, down the bike path a piece from Brewster to the East and back. Not bad. Told myself slow, anything below 8:00 would be dandy, go easy. Splits: 7:23, 7:12, 7:07, 7:15, 7:00, 7:12, 7:05, 6:58, 6:58, 6:33, etc. I just feel like it's not good for me to run extended periods at sub 7:30 pace, like it'll mess up my form. Hot, but not outrageously so, and pretty decent shade/cover down most of the path. Not bonking this time. Left ankle, inside, just above funny bone tender after. Tough but okay, need more miles, strength.


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