Thursday, June 01, 2006

Charles River

First time running outside at work, midday, across Longfellow Bridge from Cambridge to Boston, west along the Charles, over Smoots Bridge (364.4 Smoots in length), and back. 6.2 miles, twice. Hot and humid, way more than I'd anticipated, slogging through the last 2. Garmin acting up, couldn't get GPS signal until 2 miles in, actually stopped for a minute a half mile in to see if I could get a signal, that messed up my rhythm, then final results seem messed up, though I started the timer when I started running, I know my total time was between 43 and 46 minutes, Garmin recorded only 37 minutes, like it reset when it got the GPS, but even that doesn't add up, curious, emailed Garmin support, just wondering what's up with that. I know, I should just run, don't worry about the time, but it's my new toy, tracking it makes it more fun.

Planning on running this 5K on Saturday, not expecting much, be happy to break 19:00, no speed for months, feeling slow, coming back still from 7 weeks of little to no running, mostly elliptical. Starting to dread 5Ks, anaerobic purgatory. Whatever, very happy at least with the absence of warning cries from from the quad/adductor, still a slight niggle in left inside ankle just above funny bone, but getting better, and shins holding steady, thanks God.


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