Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Resting right adductors. Elliptical, 65 minutes. I love this man ...

Was I clever enough? Was I charming?
Did I make at least one good pun?
Was I disconcerting? Disarming?
Was I wise? Was I wan? Was I fun?

Did I answer the girl with white shoulders
Correctly, or should I have said
(Engagingly), "Kierkegaard smolders,
But Eliot's ashes are dead"?

And did I, while being a smarty,
Yet some wry reserve slyly keep,
So they murmured, when I'd left the party,
"He's deep. He's deep. He's deep"?

— John Updike, Thoughts While Driving Home


At 12:04 PM, Anonymous charles updike said...

I love the way John tags into our humanity so well.


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