Thursday, April 06, 2006


On the off chance anyone is reading this, please go away now -- whiny injured runner rant follows, just capturing the frustration for future reference, when everything is all hunky dorey.

Fuck me. Fucking piss me off. I'm so fucking pissed. Wicked. My fucking right quad, adductor, Idunno what is, is still sore. And after four days of no running (zero miles). And I'm getting really fucking cranky. Feel like all the work I've done (I know, I ain't done shit, but it was something, for me anyway) is going down the drain. I could miss VCM, hell, I could miss Hood to Coast. This could be the end of the line, I'm 46, it's over. What the fuck was I thinking.

I'm afraid it could be femoral stress fracture, that could be weeks/months to heal. I'm not sure if I can even elliptical without discomfort. I hope I'm overreacting. I'm seeing Dr. Z tomorrow. He will make me feel better, reminds me of John Updike, white hair, red skin, very calm. Times like this I realize how much I do like running, how it's infiltrated my life and personality over the past couple years, despite my dreading certain workouts.

After almost two years (actually, more like thirty), I seem to have finally beaten the shin problems (MTSS). And now, spring is here, and I've got this thigh problem. At least with the shins I knew what to expect, two, three days days off and I'd be back at it (for another couple days anyway). Four days now, and this feels almost no better.

Crap! What the hell it is it. I can hop on one leg, but not without discomfort, just short of pain, right in the mid upper thigh, but it feels like it's also sort of radiating down from the upper inner thigh near the groin. It varies depening on exactly how I step when I walk or hop.

My current hypotheses, based on my own moronic understanding of anatomy, is an adductor strain or tear, mostly where it connects to the mid thigh, or a stress fracture of the femur. Whatever it is, it can't be that bad, can it. It's not excruciating pain or anything, not at all, I could probably run 10K PR if my life depended on it.

Calm the hell down. We'll see what the doc sez tomorrow. Maybe it'll be okay in a few more days. Turn your attention elsewhere in the meantime. S'not like this is actually important. I've got Java code to write and a family to attend to. Get to it.


At 3:09 AM, Blogger Mike said...

Sorry David- had to read your whole bloody post and was compelled to comment. THAT SUCKS!!
Hopefully the doc gives you some good news but in the meantime, don't sweat the 4 days off. I took 11 days off running with my F&$%^! shin/calf issue. Just getting back to running now.
Based on your pace of your workouts, you are in great shape so let that leg recover!

At 6:04 PM, Blogger susie said...

If it is an adductor strain, I had/have one. Good news: PT, ultrasound and stretching help. Bad news: I still have it, and it kicks in after 5 miles a year later. Wish I had words of wisdom, and if you learn anything, please share. Hang in there.

At 10:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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