Sunday, January 07, 2007


Thursday, 7.1 miles around the lake. Total: 7 @ 45:30, (6:30). Splits: 6:05, 6:19, 6:21, 6:32, 6:40, 7:08 (hill), 6:22. Not a record but close.

Rest, rest, extensor tendonitis I think is finally gone, even lingering pain on top right big toe. I'm close to 100%, no injuries/pain, some tightness behind left knee, but no big deal.

Today, 11.7 miles, in Brewster at Grammie's on the Cape. Ran the Brew Run course (5.2M) twice plus warm-up, cool-down. About 35 minutes each circuit. Garmin sez 10 @ 1:07:00 (6:42), 11 @ 1:13:47 (6:42). Splits: 6:37, 6:37, 6:44, 6:44, 6:56, 6:23, 6:40, 6:46, 6:46, 6:43, 6:45. Pretty tough after 10K. Beautiful clear sunny day though.


At 4:23 PM, Blogger Mike said...

Ugh, never say you're 100% pain free. It's like the girl in the horror movie answering the phone and saying "Well yes, come to think of it I am home alone!" Don't jinx it!

Still, nice run and good pace, you are definitely moving in the right direction.

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At 5:53 PM, Blogger Faithful Soles said...

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At 5:48 PM, Blogger Running Rabbit said...

If I could be 90% pain free that'd be good! AGhhhhh.....

At 4:47 PM, Anonymous bets said...

At 9:59 PM, Blogger low said...

looking at your blog title are you by any chance a geek or a linux user ? I am one and I run daily.

At 11:38 PM, Blogger Rachael-Dawn Craig said...

Hay! Are you ever comming back? I miss your thoughtful and thought provoking comments and posts! And y'know, feeling jealous that I can't write as cool and smoothly as you. ;)

At 7:38 AM, Blogger Martijn said...

Hi David,

I saw you are running with a Garmin. Did you now that you can upload your GPS trips to for free? This webpage draws a line in Google Earth and you have also speed, height and heartbeat graphs.

You can even put your trip into your own webpage! Check mine and see how it looks like

Keep running :)

At 2:10 AM, Anonymous famous runner said...

No pain? Don't you feel uncomfortable without it?


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