Sunday, January 07, 2007


Thursday, 7.1 miles around the lake. Total: 7 @ 45:30, (6:30). Splits: 6:05, 6:19, 6:21, 6:32, 6:40, 7:08 (hill), 6:22. Not a record but close.

Rest, rest, extensor tendonitis I think is finally gone, even lingering pain on top right big toe. I'm close to 100%, no injuries/pain, some tightness behind left knee, but no big deal.

Today, 11.7 miles, in Brewster at Grammie's on the Cape. Ran the Brew Run course (5.2M) twice plus warm-up, cool-down. About 35 minutes each circuit. Garmin sez 10 @ 1:07:00 (6:42), 11 @ 1:13:47 (6:42). Splits: 6:37, 6:37, 6:44, 6:44, 6:56, 6:23, 6:40, 6:46, 6:46, 6:43, 6:45. Pretty tough after 10K. Beautiful clear sunny day though.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I ran the Ipswich YMCA New Years Day Resolution Race yesterday. I showed up expecting a 10K, but it was only 2 miles! Actually 2.007 miles - get it? They add 5.28 feet per year to the race - by the year 3000 it will be a 3 mile race. About 60-something runners total braved the 38 degree rainy morning. And ... I won! First place, first time (except for once in High School). And despite the fact that I took a wrong turn and ended up running an extra 371 feet (according to my Garmin anyway). I was out in front nearing the end of the first mile and I hear some yelling behind me, look back and see a pack of a dozen or so runners turning right, I missed the turn! Turned back and high tailed to catch up to them, and steadily began picking them off - I'd had such a wide lead that I was fairly confident I could get into the lead again. My niece and her boyfriend were in 3rd/4th, I hanged with them for a while and then went for the lead, securing it by a pretty wide margin by the end. Flying but not really overly so, it was cold and wet, and I wasn't quite all out - 6:02 overall average pace - same as the Thanksgiving 5 miler. My major award was a $25 gift certicate to a local restaurant, and another $25 to a local running store. My niece (18) won first female. Nice way to start the year.

Happy New Year.

Unhappy men would increase their happiness more by walking six miles every day than by any conceivable change in philosophy.

— Bertrand Russell